I saved a pin on Pinterest where a Mother (I presume) bought her daughter a pair of plain, cheap, ugly rubber boots and then spray painted them to fabulousness.

Turns out, I didn’t even need to buy boots to try this one out; I had Maddie’s hand-me-downs that Chloë was not at all keen on wearing.

Until I told her we were going to “Glam them up”.

I gave them a good wash and dry and then taped off the cuff at the top and the rubber ring around the bottom.

I gave them a few coats of pink metallic spray paint (they sell it in numerous colours and even have a glitter spray paint available too!)

I could have added another coat or two to hide all the circles shining through – but I kind of like them with a bit of pattern.

I think Happy Feet below agrees!

Updated:  March 24/14 – this will not work on soft, bendable rubber boots.  You need the stiff, cheap kind or the paint will chip off at the ankle (as we found out today).

Tomorrow – how I ‘glammed up’ my frumpy flats!

Have a great one!