My “Three (plus 60) minute fridge clean” yesterday lead to more Spring cleaning.

I hate that I’m so susceptible to peer pressure!
Damn you Cleaning and Organizing bloggers!

This one I’m going to streamline down to just before and afters.
Again – an ENJO cloth and water, a little purge and you’re done!

I forgot to take a before and after of this one – but basically it looked the same – except dirty.

Cleaning and organizing your cupboards

Purged a few glass mugs in this cupboard which gave some extra room and made it more aesthetically pleasing. There was quite a lot of duck and dirt near the back of the cupboard so I used my handheld vacuum to clean it. The lightweight handhelds are better at getting into small spaces than big vacuums are.

This is above my oven and microwave.
I apologize for the filth ahead of time.

Not only is it purged, cleaned and beautiful – but I found my Grandmother’s coffee pot jammed in behind.
It’s like getting a surprise gift! lol

In the back of this cupboard I found my Tupperware rice cooker, a scale and measuring jug I’ve been looking for for ages.

This one is my favourite.
I recently hosted an ENJO party so I was able to stock up on the cloths I wanted for half off!
Which in turn meant that I could purge my cupboards of all the chemicals I had been using previously.

Now when you build a house they charge you per square foot.
I believe when we built it was around $135 per sq/ft. Emptying out this cupboard to 1/3 of it’s previous capacity would have ‘bought’ me approximately $540 worth of space!
Did I do the math right?

(Dad, I know that one will torture you. He loves it when I tell him I’m “saving money” by spending it. lol)
From here I went on to organize the freezer, wash the windows and clean the outside of the cupboard.

All on a day I was hoping just rest and relax!
A Mother’s work is never done (particularly if you’re OCD).

Have a great one!