If you’re a Pinterest surfer like I am, you would have noticed all of the “Spring Cleaning” pins that have come to the forefront lately.

Everyone has the miracle cleaner, or how to, or my favourites the “Clean your _____ in 3 minutes”.

I am very susceptible to marketing, plus I’m not a huge fan of cleaning – so these three minute ‘marvels’ have me clicking every time.

One that I came across today was “Clean your fridge in 3 minutes” and the blogger claimed that she was able to clean out her entire fridge (not freezer) in three minutes flat.

That sounded like a challenge – so I thought I’d see if I could too.

This is what I had to work with:

Cleaning the fridge

Disorganized definitely, but not filthy.

Three minutes should be a snap!

Cleaning the fridge

Empty it out so I could wash down the walls and shelves.

Cleaning the fridge

Yikes – maybe it was filthy after all?

Cleaning the fridge

A little water and my trusty ENJO cloth – because the last thing you want near your food is chemicals and toxins from chemical cleaners.

This one little cloth does the entire fridge – BETTER than chemicals and eliminates bacteria almost completely.

(Can you tell I love my ENJO?)

Cleaning the fridge

I repackaged up the food into air tight containers so they’d last longer.
Cut up the iceberg lettuce so that it was ready for a quick salad.
Labelled the containers.
Threw out expired items and then put everything back in it’s place.

I think just reading this has taken more than 3 minutes?

Cleaning the fridge
Cleaning the fridge
Cleaning the fridge

Shoot!  I forgot the door.
At this point I was an hour into my three-minute clean, so I just did a light wipe down and separated items to like with like.

Cleaning the fridge

My fridge is clean and organized and I’m happy – but I do have to say…

Three minutes my ass!

Have a great one!

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