Have you heard of the philosophy of ‘synchronicity’?  It’s where you put out what you hope to get back – positive vibes and all of that.

This post came about because of some strange synchronicity/coincidence – but I’m ever-so-grateful that it did…

A month or so ago, I put out feelers to a label company to see if they would be interested in doing a sponsored post on the blog.  It stemmed from seeing the lost and found at my daughters’ school.

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

This is real.  I didn’t add a single item of clothing to the pile for effect.

Say that each item on the table cost $10 – just for ease of math – you’re looking at a couple/few thousand dollars worth of items.  Items we (parents) spent hard-earned money on.  It’s infuriating really.

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

I wanted to share with you how adding adhesive stickers to your kids’ belongings could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

The company came back with a “no”, but within a week of the rejection StickerKid.com approached me.

I’d never heard of StickerKid, but the coincidence had me intrigued, so I took a look….

and funnily enough, the products they carry, and the packages they offer, are even better than the company I had originally approached!


Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

These name labels are microwave, dishwasher, sun and water proof.  They are washer and dryer resistant as well as temperature resistant.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.37.20 AM

Now here’s what makes these name labels BETTER than any other;


You can customize each type of label with different images, colours and text.

I tried the above pack and created 4 different styles.  For parents with more than one child – this is a HUGE savings.  Make some labels for one, and a separate set for your other child all within one package.

I have 32 large name labels with just a surname and phone number – could be for either of the girls, or even for me, if needed.

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

I have another set – different colour, different image – with just Madison’s name on them.  (Still within the same package here)

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

These are the shoe labels that I personalized with just a name:

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com

and I have yet another set of smaller labels that will make sure that everything from pencils to sunscreen to goggles and flippers return home.


214 labels for $49!

I would have had to pay twice this to get labels for both girls with the other company.

Our ”School Mega Pack” has all you need to label everything:
– 32 large labels
– 14 shoe labels
– 120 small name labels
– 48 clothes name labels

100% customizable labels

High quality print in the colors of your choice.

Incredibly strong and durable: 10 years warranty on durability, color sharpness and scratch resistance.

Weatherproof: Sun, sand and sea cannot harm our labels.

Home proof: Perfectly suitable for dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

Washer & Dryer resistant.

Essential for kindergarten, school, vacation, summer camps, toys, sports and afterschool programs.

School is winding down now, but summer camps, daycare and road trips are just around the corner.  For us, soccer, gymnastics, sleepovers, camp and cottages will have us packing up items that can easily be left behind.  If you take the simple math above, the girls would only have to leave 5 things behind at camp to cover the cost of this package.

It’s a no brainer.

You can use these for more than just item labels as well.  Now’s the time to mark lunch bags for allergies.  Camp directors are often students and as hard as they try, it would be difficult to keep up with everyone that has different allergies, medications, reactions etc.  A bold label right on a backpack or lunch bag would help immensely.

Sticker kid 3  - 3


These labels are also great if you live in a condo/townhome complex where you have a communal recycling area.  Make large stickers like the above and label your bins for easy recognition, retrieval and/or return if they should blow away.

Did I mention that you can personalize each set of labels differently?  Different images, colours, text.  (I know – repetitive, but SO worth repeating!)

I can’t even tell you how much money this will save me!

Don’t worry if your kids can’t read yet – there is a photo option as well!  Upload a favourite photograph and jackets and umbrellas will be easily recognized by everyone.

I’m wondering if these wouldn’t make cute save-the-date calendar stickers as well?

Lost and found no more - StickerKid.com


StickerKid has 2 production facilities. One in Miami FL USA, which delivers through USA really fast (usually within 3-4 days) and another in Geneva, Switzerland to  deliver worldwide without long shipping delays.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.07.17 AM

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*This is a sponsored post – I was provided with a set of labels to customize and try out.  These are excellent quality and the opinions expressed above are sincere.

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