How do you handle being overwhelmed?

Does it make you eat, cry, get angry, crawl under the covers or go heads down and work?

For me, it’s cry.

I know – weak.

I don’t necessarily sit there and openly cry, it’s more of a feeling of “the next thing that happens and I’m going to lose it” sort of thing.

I was having one of those days on Saturday.

My in-laws were coming over for an early-birthday/early-Thanksgiving meal and the house was still a mess.  I’ve been working so much and so hard on the book, that I’ve fallen behind in my blog posts and I was feeling like I was letting you down.  I’d called a publishing company Friday and they said they couldn’t make my deadlines for release of the Christmas book.  I was stressing about a relationship with a friend that seemed to be fraying.  I haven’t made time to fit in my stress-relieving yoga sessions and I’m pretty sure I ate chocolate bars for at least two meals a day all last week.

I just had too many balls in the air, topped with poor nutrition and no stress relief.

One more thing and I probably would have cried.

I know – suck it up – first world problems of an over-privileged housewife right?

But, and as things usually do, the day turned around.

My Step-Dad picked me up a few cartons of my favourite drink from Costco.  This is the Tazo concentrate that Starbucks uses for their chai lattes – and they were at Costco for $9.99 for three cartons!  Now one carton will make me about 4 (large) cups of tea, so buying it at Costco made that about $0.84 per cup.  Starbucks charges me $6 per cup.

You know I had to grab more while they were still in stock (Costco hasn’t carried the Tazo chai latte in at least three years – trust me, I’ve been looking)

Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate from Costco

Yup, I bought 5 cases.  Sixty cartons of sanity-in-a-cup.

I only have one mug a day, so this will probably last me until next Julember – but the savings is astronomical.

60 cartons x 4 cups = 240 cups of bliss.

240 cups at Starbucks = $1, 440

240 cups at home = $200 (not including milk)

Feeling better already!  Sales and shopping are instant mood-lifters aren’t they?

I decided that since I haven’t had a yoga de-stressor in a bit, I’d go and putter in my studio.  Nothing for the book, just mindless puttering while I binge-watched The Good Wife.

Sunflower bouquet by Papertrey Ink - coloured with copics


This is a stamp set from Papertrey Ink called Sunflower Bouquet.  I love this set, but haven’t taken the time in months to actually sit and make cards.  With Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend, it seemed like a good time to lose myself in a bit of colouring and get a few cards out to loved ones I haven’t spoken to in awhile.

Papertrey Ink - Sunflower Bouquet coloured with Copics

This is another stamp set by Papertrey Ink called Simple Sunflowers.

Papertrey Ink - Simple Sunflowers

Nothing too fancy, just puttering.

Sunflower greeting cards, Thanksgiving cards - Papertrey Ink

But it was the stress-reliever I needed.

Feeling like a shot of sunshine now – found a new publisher that can make my deadlines, my friend (I think) is okay with me again, our family meal went well and the house….

well, it’s always a mess.  Another chai latte and I’ll be able to brush that off as well. lol

Have a great one!

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