Have you heard of “tablescaping”?

I’ve heard of landscaping and even manscaping, but didn’t realize that “tablescaping” was term for setting the table – nicely.

In staging my paper feathers the other day, I did have to set the table to show off how to use them in place settings.  I thought that since I had the table all prettied up, I’d show off my attempt at tablescaping here.

Mine is more on the minimal side compared to a lot of the designed ones I’ve seen – but then we use our dining room table, so to dress it up to the nines would have just been erased at our next meal.

Tablescape for fall. Fall decor ideas - dining room

Tablescaping - 5

To learn how to do this lotus fold napkin, click the tutorial here.  (Bear in mind, mine is a loose interpretation because my napkins weren’t square or starched to begin with).

Tablescaping - 7

Yes, that giant gourd is a cookie container.  lol

The table runner is the reversible one I made last year.

Tablescaping - 10

Tablescaping - 11

My wood coasters even make an appearance!

Tablescaping - 13

All of this blogging is paying off; I’m slowly-but-surely creating enough decor pieces to participate in life like an adult!

I’d better go cook something better than grilled cheese with the table looking like this!

Have a great one!


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