This stemmed from soccer.

Hubby has coached both girls since they were 2 – yes, we lied on the form and let Chloë play at age 2. 
(I was chasing her on and off the field anyways, so it just made sense.)

Let me tell you, there are a lot of tears in the early years of soccer.

Trips, falls, bumps, bruises and hurt feelings….
things that only the dramatic application of a character bandaid could fix.

Wounds or no wounds, we started carrying a first-aid kit to the field – with the basic staples;  band-aids, stickers, hand stamps and a little bactine just in case.

It has evolved to become the first-aid kit that we use all the time.
1. because it’s just the right size to hold everything we need, 
2. because it’s super-portable and
3. because it’s air-tight so even at a rainy soccer field everything stays dry and sterile.

Our fundamentals:

 Sometime a large gauze pad gently padded on a scraped knee can magically cure tears.

 While you do need “real” bandaids – truly sterile and hygienic ones – it is also very important to carry the ones that will remedy emotional boo boos and draw just the right amount of attention to the wound.

These are to keep Mommy happy.  Neither one stings, but both give me little piece of mind that things are clean. 

Tensor bandages are nice to have on hand if you’re running. 

 You never know when a sprained ankle might arise, and it’s good to keep the swelling down until you can get home and ice it.

Our Madison is “Sweet Meat” in that every mosquito within a 10 km radius of her is immediately attracted and pounces for a blood buffet.

Truly, with Madison outside with us, the rest of us won’t get bitten at all
Therefore After Bite is a necessity (although toothpaste soothes the itch as well). 

Finally, top it all off with Polysporin singles and a thermometer and we have everything we need to hit the field.

Or rather for when we hit the field.  

Get it?  lol

Air tight lid and a removable handle and we can take it everywhere!

This is what I’ll mod podge on the lid when they get older:

For now, I’m happy to get the snuggles that come with “Owies”

Have a great one!

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