For my international audience you may not know David’s Tea (yet), but it’s a burgeoning Canadian company that serves…  tea.

You can go in for a hot cup, you can buy loose leaf, you can get all the accoutrements…

…except storage.

They have a monthly newsletter that goes out with upcoming specials, new flavours and retiring favourites – which means it’s next to impossible to purchase just one thing.  

They know this, so recently they did a post on how to create your own cute tea storage container.

I thought it was a joke.

It’s TOOOOOO easy.

TOOOO obvious…

and yet, I hadn’t thought of it before?
So perhaps you haven’t either?

click here for tutorial

Do you love it?

I love it.

So you get a perspective on the size of it:

… and it fits into my tea caddy!

I can just lift the little bag out and present it to guests so they can choose their favourite!

The best part of any idea is the evolution of it; taking one great idea and then making it into something that works for you. 

Perhaps you have Starbucks bags that you can do this to and use them for storing seed packets, or as a little card organizer for upcoming birthdays.

I’d love to hear more as you think of them – leave a comment below and share some of your brilliance with us!

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Have a great one!