I follow a lot of Norwegian bloggers on my instagram feed.  It’s not intentional profiling, it just so happens that I love their design style – it’s the rustic look of woods and natural elements, combined with a bit of glamour in chandeliers, silver plated candles and vases full of flowers.  If you want to see some of what I’m talking about, head over to my page on Instagram and you’ll see a tonne that I’ve reposted (but please follow the original bloggers or you’ll miss out on even more greatness).

One item that I’ve seen on a few feeds was this tea light house – or houses per this image:

Tea light house - Kahler

These are white ceramic houses made by Kahler – out of Denmark.

U.S. Amazon carries them, but they won’t ship to Canada – plus the price tag on any one of these is pretty hefty.  The cheapest I found was $45 US.

But I loooooovvvve them so much!

Okay, I’ll make a version myself…

(this project ended up being a “Fail” so even though I’m showing my steps, don’t expect great things)

First up I cut out a cardboard template of a house.

Ceramic tea light house 2

Next up, I made up some air-dry clay from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I’m not going to share it here – you’ll see why below.

Ceramic tea light house 3

Maddie and I cut out our house shapes – front, sides, roof and back and then tried to create our own little windows for the light to shine through.

It’s not looking too bad at this point right?

Ceramic tea light house 4

The clay took a good three days to dry and look what happened – the dough cracked and the houses broke.  SHIT!

Ceramic tea light house 5

Still not giving up, I went out and bought some “Sculpy” polymer clay.  I did all the same steps and then baked it in the oven for about 15 minutes.


Then I used crazy glue to glue the pieces into a house shape – probably not smart, I’m sure crazy glue is flammable, so using it for a candle holder was not my brightest move.

But – the house looks pretty cute right?

I sanded the entire thing down to try to smooth out the lumps and bumps and then added a light coating of white gloss spray paint – yup another flammable layer – and then added some snow to the roof.  Painting it with kerosene would have been equally as idiotic effective – kidding, please don’t ever paint anything with kerosene.

I put a real tea light inside (not the battery kind I usually use) and check out the glow!

Ceramic tea light house 6

It’s really pretty, and a few in a row with some greens and fake snow between would make a great display…

But there’s this smell…Ceramic tea light house 7

Keep photographing – trying to get different angles and lighting….

Ceramic tea light house 8

the smell is getting stronger:

Ceramic tea light house 9

Yup, I just about set the whole thing on fire right in my family room.


Plan B – “Dear Santa Kahler, please sent me some of your tea light houses so I can pretend to be a Danish and/or Norwegian interior designer…”

  These are Amazon.com links, they aren’t available to ship to Canada and Amazon.ca doesn’t carry them.  If you are in Europe, you will probably have luck shopping right on the Kahler site.

Try at your own risk!

Have a great one!