I love giving gifts.

I love packaging up little items and making them pretty and then handing them over to the intended recipient.
Something about the whole process is fun for me.

I have to admit, that when giving gifts, I usually choose something that I would like.

Right or wrong – this is something I was taught as a child when selecting a present for a friend’s birthday party.
The temptation (then) was to get them something crappy so they wouldn’t have better toys than I did – but my Mom would remind me that it was about their reaction and happiness and not mine.

When that didn’t work, she’d mention that maybe they’d invite me over to play with their new and awesome gift. lol

For the girls’ teachers this year I went with one of my favourite things;  Movie night!

Great gift idea for teachers

A tupperware bowl and lid to hold their popcorn for home movies, flavoured Kernel’s popcorn and some treats to go with, and a small ‘flavour shaker’ (not pictured) for putting a favourite topping on.
And just in case movie night was out of the house – a double pass with drinks and popcorn to our local theatre.

The kid in me is cringing at the thought of giving this away. lol

Great gift idea for teachers

I meant to put in bags of nuts as well, but then was concerned over nut allergies.

All prettied up:

One for each of the girls’ teachers and another for a favourite Uncle that is celebrating his birthday this weekend.

This may end up being our birthday party gift of 2015 as well – although less Tupperware and more candy or the kids will egg me.

 Have a great one!