Today I’m posing a challenge to you.
I want you to choose one drawer – anywhere in your house – and clean it in 5 minutes.
Pull everything out, and only put back what you actually — USE.
Not what you plan to use (but haven’t), 
not what you want to use (but haven’t), 
not what you think you might use.

It’s 5 minutes and it is worth it.

This is our lunch drawer.

We have so many containers that they can’t all fit in the drawer – so we leave them out on the counter.

Then we end up using the same containers over and over again, which means the dishwasher is running more often.

Not very environmentally friendly – particularly for  a family that is trying to make less of a footprint by having all of these containers to begin with.

Time to pare down and purge.

The plastic cutlery went into the recycling – they seemed like a good idea at first – but think of this:  you can buy metal forks, knives and spoons at a Dollarama store and they can be washed a million times without damage.  

That’s MUCH less wasteful.

If they get lost?  In the grand scheme of things, buying two metal spoons over boxes and boxes of plastic ones, is still saving me money.

Keep just the containers we use….

and isn’t it gorgeous?

Five minutes – that’s it.

If I can do this a couple/few times a week the entire house will be organized!

Your turn – send me your before and after photos to and I’ll do a post with all of our five-minute wonders!

 Have a great one!