This one will be so quick you won’t believe it!

In fact, putting the eyedrops in will also be so quick you won’t believe it!

Instead of staring into the bottle waiting for the dreaded drop and hoping that your eyes stay open – try tilting your head.

Yup – that’s it!

Stare into the mirror and place the eyedrop bottle off to the outside of your eye.  You can see where it’s going to go – but you don’t actually see it coming!

One, two and done!

(I may have gone a little too-crazy with the airbrushing. lol)

This works especially well with kids.  Have them lay on the bed and stare at you while you sneak the drops in from the side.  It’s done before they even know it!

Trust me – I’m a sufferer of dry-eye and this is the easiest way to get them in!

 Have a great one!

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