Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday?

Did you get a chance to watch the soccer video from the post prior to this one?  


Although, I did get a slight reprimand from someone that thought that it was an awful example of sportsmanship and that seeing a person get concussed and bloody over and over again was inappropriate and tasteless.   (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea)

But I know you are my peeps – and if you read this blog, chances are you have a similar (if perhaps sick) sense of humour like I do.  In fact, I’ll argue that at least half of North America does or else slapstick comedies and programs like Studio C and Saturday Night Live would not be in existence.

Now to smoothly transition my lead-in to today’s post – because you are my “Peeps”, and because this was a revelation to me – perhaps it might be to you as well.

The very best, most efficient and effective way to do your laundry…..

washing machine with text on it that reads "Get all of your laundry done in 1 day"

Use your oven timer!
(somewhat anti-climactic – but read on)

Like many of you, my laundry room is in the basement.
Both my washing machine and my dryer have a ‘finish buzzer’ which sounds 4 times and then stops.
The chances of me actually hearing my buzzer, particularly if I’m working, vacuuming, outside etc, is pretty slim.  If I do hear it, I often don’t change loads right away, but continue on with whatever I was already doing thinking “I’ll get to it in a minute”.

The laundry sits, and sits and sometimes it will be hours between loads, sometimes even a day or two because I’ve forgotten.
This means that the laundry can take days to get done.

I’ve been trying my new method for a few weeks now and it has changed my life!


  1. Put a load of laundry in the washer and dryer and turn on.
  2. Go to your kitchen and set your oven timer for the length of the longest cycle (washer or dryer).
  3. When the oven timer goes off, change loads.
washing machine and dryer with arrows pointing to the timer screens

The difference?
The oven timer doesn’t shut itself off until you actually cancel it.  It will beep and annoy you once every minute until you physically go to it and shut it off.

Head out and forget your wash?  The oven will be beeping when you get home.
In the backyard and didn’t hear the finish buzzer on the machine?  The oven will be beeping when you get in.
Concentrating on another project or task?  The oven beeper will make you NUTS until you answer it.

Every hour for a day, my oven timer will annoy me sound, reminding me to change loads.

In an 8 hour work day – that’s 8 loads of laundry done and completed.

folded laundry

It’s so simple – and SO effective!

Try it – I promise it will be the way you do laundry from now on!

 Have a great one!

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