A few weeks ago I took on a project for a friend.

I’m not going to lie – I was thrilled to have been asked, excited for the challenge, but terrified of the task.

This is a custom built piece with beautiful detail.


 That was the before, so you know this thing needed putty, sanding, priming and painting.

To top it all off, Sherri’s home is gorgeous.

As in capital “G” gorgeous.

There would be no way to hide screw ups.

You may have noticed that I had some less than lustre blog posts while I was doing this (case in point: decorating my cedar globes with ribbon).

Sorry about that.

I wanted to post something but this (and my job) were suddenly taking up my crafting time.

Here’s the during:

Built-in 1

 Well, the glass inserts for the cupboard doors went in last week, so I very impolitely invited myself back to Sherri’s for a brag-shot.

This is my baby in the midst of getting styled:

Built-in 11

  AND Sherri and Andrew are still speaking to me!


Thank you guys – for the opportunity, your patience and for letting me show it off.

Have a great one!

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