There are so many great things about blogging that I couldn’t list them all.  It is an outlet for your passion and I’m so grateful that I have this platform and your support to encourage me to follow mine….


there is a downside to blogging as well.

This is my 799th post and in the previous 798 I’ve covered just about everything from cleaning your bathroom to organizing the fruit cellar.  I’ve shown you how to get pet hair out of carpet and how to build a raised vegetable garden, how to get your laundry done in one day and what to make for dinner.

Because I’ve already written about all of these daily tasks already, it is existing content here on the blog – you can look up any of these at any time, so there really is no need to rewrite the same post.  That doesn’t mean though that I never have to do these chores again – what it does mean is that in the background I need to get all of them done AS WELL AS come up with new projects for the blog….

and did I mention before that I’m writing a book?

Yup, another background activity that needs my attention.

What has been happening over the past 6 months or so, is that I get consumed by creating new content (which is what I love to do), but other things have gone by the wayside.

Worcooning - 8

The house is messy – like REALLY messy – and desperately needs a DEEP CLEAN.  The laundry is never done to completion and I redo at least one load a week because I’ve forgotten it in the machine and it’s gone funky.  The dog is shedding her summer coat, so every room in the house is blanketed with black tufts of hair, and I have so many projects lying around that it’s beginning to feel cluttered and trashy.

This is the downside of blogging – or the downside after 798 posts – everything you need to do has been documented, so you need “new stuff” while still getting the “old stuff” accomplished.

Yesterday was about home.  I had to leave the blog pressure behind and focus on life.

I didn’t get far, but what I did get done was done well and thoroughly – and that felt good.

First up, watering my plants.  Not exciting, but my plants are very ‘vocal’ and if they get even the slightest bit dry they wilt and pout and bring everything down.

Behind the scenes at a blogger's home.

Dedicating a couple of hours to pruning, weeding, fertilizing and watering was in desperate need.  (and you can see how they thanked me)

Worcooning - 3

We had a party here a couple of weeks ago and food and wine was spilled/dropped on the patio rug.  Not a big deal when it’s outside, but it weighed on me that I should give everything a thorough clean.  The rug ripped everywhere when I pulled it up and pressure washed it, and the patio had black mold dots all over it, so I did a backyard purge and threw out old toys, rugs etc, cleaned out our little pool shed and pressure washed all of the furniture, the barbecue and the patio itself.

Sure, there are a few small weeds that I missed, but overall this is a drastic improvement!

Worcooning - 5

A month or so ago, Helena and I attempted a workout on the girls’ playground equipment.  It wasn’t until then that I noticed just how moss-covered it had become.  It was green and slippery on the decks, the monkey bar padding was dirty and sap-covered and the netting was tangled with skipping ropes and random ribbons the girls had attached.

Pressure washer already in hand, I blasted it all.  Sure, it could stand a coating of stain, but for now it’s not a death trap for my kids and I’m feeling a bit better about not being a completely negligent Mommy.

Worcooning - 7

In between my yard work and step 1 of my “Don’t forget your family” campaign, I managed to jump in the pool with the girls a few times and create some laughter and fun.

All in all, it was a fantastic and productive day – but really not something to blog about – so I apologize for my lack of new content.

Thank you for your understanding – and I promise not to make you read about my bathroom cleaning expedition (anytime soon).

Love you guys!

Have a great one!






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