I didn’t mean for this to be a cleaning blog – but it seems that I get the most traffic whenever I post cleaning and/or organizing ideas.  

(Ironic considering the true state of my house)

Since I don’t want to disappoint, and I have another great before and after to share, it’s a cleaning we will go…

Just before the Holidays I won 3 free samples of ENJO’s Marble Paste

Lynn was running specials on her Facebook page (which I highly recommend you ‘liking’ so you don’t miss any future specials) and my name was drawn for the paste.

I am loving my ENJO products so far, but the Marble Paste wasn’t really on my wish list of products.

I know it could use a couple more minutes of scrubbing (I ran out of paste), but let me show you something

 First off, I know you’re thinking – What the hell does she do in her oven?!

I’m going to be honest here and say that Hubby does all of our cooking – so I have no idea where this came from.

I’ll hazard a guess and say that’s turkey, bacon and tenderloin gracing the sides.

I started cleaning with the marble paste not expecting much – so I didn’t start photographing until I had the door and one side almost done.

Not to doubt ENJO’s product, but I did have to know if my trusted “Barkeeper’s Friend” could do battle.

I scrubbed with it, and scrubbed, and then went over the scrubbed area with the marble paste.

Even with a scouring pad and a lot of elbow grease my BKF was no match for the marble paste.

If you check out my post from July – you’ll see that the ENJO even got rid of stains that were set in then.

I had a tiny skinch leftover in one of the sample containers (which were only about 1/2 tsp each) so I had to try it on my oven racks.

Check this out:

1 1/2 tsp’s of marble paste and these results?
This transformation was unbelievable!

I am a convert.  

 Have a great one!

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