The Motivation Factor

My friend “Haley” told me about this exercise that she and her husband tried.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

This one was to determine energy levels at varying times of the day.

What they did was track how much energy or motivation they had throughout the day and then compare their findings to each other.

She said it helped them to determine when they both have optimal levels of energy and when they know better than to ask “honey to-do” things.

I LOVE this! 

You know I had to do it too.

I asked Hubby to give me a number between zero and 5 – 5 being the most motivated – for various hours throughout the day.
I did the same and this is what we came up with:

Why this is so great is that we can see the times when we are both high energy, and we can also see when we should leave each other alone.

Basically, if I ask him to fold the laundry at 6am – it ain’t gonna happen.

Likewise, if he’s feeling frisky, he better not make any moves after 8pm or the only response he’ll see is my wrath for waking me.

In all seriousness, having it laid out like this does help to understand his “rhythms” and why he needs the afternoon veg session when I am finally motivated to get projects done.

Here, he can see how I start earlier and build, but then the energy dwindles as the day moves on.  So inviting me to a gym session anytime that isn’t around noon – is not that appealing to me..

It’s a really interesting exercise and one you can try with just a few minutes of contemplation.

Thank you Haley!  

(BTW, the phone will be off from noon to 12:15 from now on – wink, wink!)

Have a great one!

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