I’ve been putting this off…
Dreading heading in there and the amount of work ahead.
I’ve just been closing the door and hoping it would go away….
no such luck.

This is our furnace room – aka. Hubby’s Workshop:

 Yup – Christmas stuff sitting there, and below is the aftermath of Hubby building my floating shelves.

I am embarrassed and ashamed.

I decided this past weekend to bite the bullet and see if I could make the room usable again.

I have all of the storage essentials – shelves, buckets, space – I just needed to get it together.

For the most part, my bins are used for Christmas decorations and the like.

In past years I’ve labelled the bins with exactly which room they are for for easy unpacking and decorating.

This year I dropped the ball and just stuffed stuff in as I packed things away in January.

I’m going to look at it like a pre-Christmas treat discovering what each container holds next year.

It might be fun?

Regardless, since none of my containers match, I needed something to give me some symmetry and cohesiveness;
Just to satisfy the OCD in me…..

I created these basic labels and printed them out on paper.

They’re just taped on with packing tape so I can replace them next year if I want – but for this year, they give an organized feel to the room.

Makes things a little less overwhelming visually.

  Much better.

If nothing else, I cleared the floor area so we can actually get into the room.

Yup, that’s spray paint all over the floor.

I figured that’s what a workshop was for – working in?

I have been corrected on this assumption, and have been briefed on the correct procedure for re-painting said floor – which I will get to….


Maybe I should have left it a mess… 

For a better view, and so I can admire all of my effort – here are the before and afters together:

If you want to use the same printables – you are more than welcome.
I have the free pdf’s here:

Blank label

Easter labels

Christmas labels

Hallowe’en labels

Party labels

Have a great one!