A reader sent in a request that I do a blog post on organizing above the fridge (thank you for the idea), and while I did actually clean above my fridge and organize it – today’s post is about what I found when I was up there:

Thrift store decor 1


It was tucked into the back of the cupboard – you know, the spot way at the back where, unless you are 7 feet tall, you can’t see without a step stool.

Why on earth was I holding on to these?  They are not at all my style, and I can’t remember a time when they might have been.

Actually, I take that back – clearly destiny knew that I would end up writing a blog and would be looking for a cute tea set to makeover.

Thank you destiny – you were correct!

Thrift store decor 2


I’ll start by saying I made a mistake when I painted these.  I got lazy and didn’t wash them down with TSP first.  You won’t notice in these photos, but it really does make a difference in the quality of paint job you do.  Behind the scenes are little marks that I wouldn’t have had if I’d just taken the extra five minutes to wash all the pieces down properly.

I wanted a pottery sort of look so I chose a white spray paint with a flat finish.  I’m partial to Rustoleum, but I’m sure there are others that will work just as well.

Thrift store decor 5

A few light coats, with drying time in between.

Thrift store decor 4


The finished product really is quite pretty.

I’m not sure where I’m going to display these yet, but after the spray painting, they are for decorative purposes only.

Thrift store decor 22


Thrift store decor 21

So much better than before.  Very clean, crisp and fresh – great for Spring or Winter decor.

Thrift store decor BandA


Organizing the cabinet to come, but I have to say that this was the most impressive part of the procedure.


Have a great one!

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