We had a playdate last Friday.
The Mom’s and the kids – usually it’s just one or the other – but there were two projects we were going for here – one for them, and one for us.

Kristyn had some leftover tie-dye from her daughter’s birthday party a few months ago, and she mentioned that she’d like to get rid of it.
You can’t throw a bone out like that and not expect me to jump all over it!

So we got the kids together and had a little tie-dye t-shirt party.

The tie-dye package had instructions in it, but since I can’t share that with you – I found a version online that you can use:

The pin didn’t link to a blog, so I’m sorry that I can’t give credit where credit is due.

This is definitely a lawn project.
Oh, and gloves  and black clothing are suggested.  I’m typing this up with blue hands right now and I’ve washed them several times to try to get the colour out.

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

You can use as little or as much dye as you want.  The more saturated the shirt, the less white will be left when it’s undone.

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

We ran low on a few colours, so we thought we’d try food colouring.  It coloured the fabric perfectly – we’ll just  have to see how it sets after being washed.
But really, I know whenever I spill on myself the stuff never seems to come out?

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!


Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

For the spiral shirt you were supposed to put a single colour in each “pizza slice”.
It all runs together if you use a lot, but that was the initial game plan.

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

While you’re waiting for it to set, the Mom’s can go zip-lining.


We were supposed to let the shirts set for 8-10 hours, but I’m too impatient.
Amazing Amy and I had ours undone in less than an hour to see how they turned out.

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

I love that jacket – leave it to Amy to come up with something so original!

And Dani has a pillow case below;

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

Aren’t they fantastic!?

Backyard fun - create tie-dye t-shirts!

Leave them out to dry and then wash – alone – with salt to help set the colour.

Tomorrow – my attempt at ombre towels.

Thank you so much Kristyn for the lesson and for sharing – we all loved it!


Have a great one!

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