It’s time!
All of the photo shoots have been completed and all of the women have had a chance to enjoy being primped and pampered and made to feel as beautiful as they truly are.

There are three age categories and one woman will win from each – but they need YOU to vote.

You vote by “liking” your favourites on Facebook.
There are 10 pages that are hosting these images,  so you have 10 chances to vote your favourite ladies through.

Visit the following Facebook pages from September 1 – September 12:

The Face of Pink Ink 
Pink Ink
Wright Hair & Co
3 Ring Video
Jockey P2P with Mary-Ann
Park Lane Jewellry with Tammy
Jockey P2P with Carolyn
Angelic Images Photography 

These are beautiful women – outside AND in – show them your support and encouragement by taking a few moments to vote.

These are the contestants in the category age 46+













This is the 36 – 45 age group.
(Please forgive my photo cropping – I wanted to show what their definition of beauty is on the side)

And last, but not least – the 16 – 33 year old age group:


One woman from EACH age group will win!
Please, go vote now!

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Have a great one!