Just two days left on this sale and then you won’t see it again for at least a year:

ENJO Floor System sale

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I have one of these systems and I can attest to how EASY it is to clean your floors.  I can mop my entire kitchen in less than 10 minutes – and I have this peace of mind knowing that the kids or the pets won’t be getting ‘Swiffer juice’ (I’m not sure what the chemical compound is so that’s what I call it) on their feet or paws.

Cost comparison of ENJO over traditional floor cleaning optionsThis sale ends May 1st, so you need to contact Lynn today to get your order in.  (lgrushka@enjo-canada.com)

Your floors will be cleaner, your family and pets safer and  you’ll have time to spare after cleaning the floors.  If that’s not every reason to make a move to ENJO, I don’t know what is!