Part of my job, as someone trying to make a business from blogging, is to explore and exploit all avenues of social media in the promotion of my blog. With there being many platforms that you can choose to use to help grow your online presence, the idea of buying followers and likes online similar to what you’ll find here (or finden Sie hier if you speak German) may be one worth considering.

This is how bloggers find new readers and draw in their audience. You see, not everyone has the time to visit my blog each day – I know, I can’t imagine it either – which means that I have to find a way to get my content in front of them that is more convenient, and more likely to get your/their attention. But I’ve also got to be aware of people who may want to gain access to my blog in an unethical way. To protect my Blog from these nasty people, I use various password managers to keep my data secure. So understandably, organization and optimization of things like Instagram traffic will be very helpful for me. As you can imagine, I was delighted to find out about linktree alternatives free of charge!

Enter Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Linked In and a million others that I can’t keep up with.

Social media venues and audiences

Some people only have time for a quick glance at a ‘tweet’. Some prefer the camaraderie of a feed on Facebook. Others are looking for articles that are more professional in nature – and use Linked In as their go-to.

Beyond posting to each social network you need to take into account “peak” times. This refers to the time/s of day when most users are online, and when your post will have the best chance of getting clicked (click-through rate).

Obviously – to me anyways – Pinterest has its highest traffic numbers on Saturday mornings. This is when their demographic (me) has the most time, and inclination, to sit and surf the site.

Then you have to consider international markets, because while Facebook is the number one social media company overall, there are numerous others that have solid footing in various countries. Google’s Orkut for example, which I had never heard of until researching this post, reaches over 20 million users in Brazil and is far and away their largest social media network. Likewise, QQ/QZone is China’s largest social network and reaches over 700 million people PER MONTH.

Social media by country

image courtesy of Limetree Online – click image for full article.

Why did I bring all of this up?

1. To help you understand why you may, or may not, see my posts flooding through social media. Please don’t be annoyed, it’s strictly to try to find new readers and ‘build my brand’.

2. To help fellow bloggers out there by giving a broad strokes overview as to how the game is played.

I’ll do you one better bloggers – I’ve even compiled the information into a chart that you can print and post someplace to help you with the timing of your articles. This is only going to pertain to North America, but it’s a jumping off point to help build your readership in that area.

I give you…

When to post where to get the most whom’s

Timing your social media to get the highest click -hrough rate

Obviously this isn’t comprehensive and really doesn’t speak to time zones – but again, it’s a broad strokes tool.

Given all of this, why do my blog posts go live at 2am EST each day?

Because 2am here is:

  • Midnight in Calgary, Canada
  • 1am in Dallas, Texas
  • 7am in London, England
  • 8am in Stockholm, Sweden and
  • 6pm in Melbourne, Australia

(Some of my largest audiences) and I wanted to reach all of these (and more) in the same day. Some of you read before breakfast, some during a midnight snack and others as a wind-down after work – but at least the articles are pertinent to that day. A Christmas post being received on Boxing Day doesn’t really speak to consideration of your audience does it (I apologize to Japan and a fair chunk of Asia here).

For your part, whether you are a blogger or a reader – the best thing you can do to help both bloggers and businesses alike is to share. Whatever social media outlet you choose – just share!

I’m off to learn Qzone now – gosh I hope they have a translator button!

Have a great one!

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