Chloe is now at the tail-end of her tooth-losing phase.

We have a few down the side to go, but her front teeth have already been replaced by her adult ones.

Except one.

One little guy has been hanging in there for too long, and now her adult tooth has decided to quit waiting and erupt through the front of her gums.

I have no problem with braces – been there, done that – but if I can make her life easier, I’m certainly going to try which is precicely why discussing possible treatments with your Dentist West Long Branch during your next visit is always a good idea.

This week had Chloe at the dentist for a cavity, and a last minute extraction. Now that she’s had to experience that, maybe she’ll be more careful with her overall oral hygiene so that when it comes to her next checkup with her Dentist in Columbus, they’ll give her a clean bill of health.

Poor little thing; even with nitrous, I know it hurts. I would definitely recommend any parents to take their kids to a dentist, like this Dentist Yuma, if they have a cavity. It doesn’t matter that they loose their teeth anyway. You don’t want them getting an infection!

We followed up her appointment with some “store bought” mac and cheese (always seems better than anything Mom could make at home)

The dentist put her little tooth in its casket;

Letters from the Tooth Fairy

We had a visitation – and trust me, it’s good this is blurry – no one wants to see the “meat”.

Letters from the Tooth Fairy
and somehow, magically, the Tooth Fairy found it!
Letters from the Tooth Fairy

Hide this part of the post if your kids are around –

This is a stamp that the Tooth Fairy found a few years ago through Stampin Up!
I’ve kept it hidden so the girls have only ever seen it when the Tooth Fairy leaves her magical envelope – a tiny 3″x3″ that they haven’t seen in stores.

That Tooth Fairy sure is resourceful!

Letters from the Tooth Fairy

A little versamark and some sparkles
oh, and a little cash, and all wounds are healed!

This guy was a ‘five-bucker’ because she had to have needles to get it out.

The Tooth Fairy has also been known to visit our resident fairy “Ruby”…

Have a great one!

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