This is going to seem like a weird post. I’m not cleaning, building or organizing anything and no, this isn’t a sponsored post – this is one of those articles that I write because I like to share information.

Information that I came across “the hard way”.

I brush my teeth. We all brush our teeth right? But did you know that if you brush your teeth too hard or aggressively you can actually cause your gums to recede?

Did you know that this recession can lead to tooth sensitivity and even enamel abrasion?

Did you know that the only “cure” for this is a gum graft – where a small piece of tissue from the upper palette of your mouth is cut out and grafted to the areas of your gums that have receded so as to help cover exposed tooth roots?  

Did you know these grafts won’t last if you continue to brush your teeth too aggressively? 

Yup, it’s true – I know it first hand. I brush my teeth too aggressively, I’ve caused gum recession on both sides of my lower teeth and I’ve had to have the gum graft done (which is NOT fun) to replace the gum tissue. The worst part, habits (especially bad ones) are difficult to change and I was well on my way to needing more grafts to replace my replacements. Turns out 8 out of 10 people are in the same boat.

One of the most common types of damage that occurs in the mouth is called Toothbrush Abrasion. I see it in about 8 out of 10 people. Toothbrush abrasion is an innocuous problem stemming from a bad habit that can lead to receded gums, sensitive teeth, holes cut into teeth, strange esthetics and tooth loss. -Dr. Ronald Birnbaum

These aren’t my teeth, but this will give you an idea of an early stage of toothbrush abrasion… the later stages almost made me lose my breakfast, so I’ll spare you.

Toothbrush abrasion

My Step-Dad is a retired Dentist (Endodontist really, but for this article you can contact your own Dentist and not search out a specialist). As a Dentist, he was often sent samples of toothpastes, pain relievers, floss and toothbrushes in the hopes that he would recommend them to his patients. One of these samples came from a new company (at the time) called Pluma Soft. Knowing my tendencies to scrub away at my teeth, he let me have the sample to try out…

and I LOVED it!


The best toothbrush for avoiding toothbrush abrasion - Pluma Soft

In fact, I went so far as to order a gross of the brushes in adult and child-sized.

144 toothbrushes is a lot for one family, so I shared my order with friends and family.

This was a few years ago now and I just ran out of my beloved Pluma Soft brushes.

The BEST toothbrush to reduce toothbrush abrasion - Pluma Soft

I recently placed a second order – again for a gross – and split them with my Step-Dad. Yup, he loves these toothbrushes as much as I do which is an incredible endorsement from a dental specialist.

If you contact your dentist and ask them to order these in for you (minimum order is a gross) you can get them for bout $1.20 Cdn per toothbrush and then split them with your friends and family.

OR, there is an online store where you can order direct – manufacturer to consumer, mailed anywhere in North America for $3.99 Cdn per toothbrush – either way, you are saving a LOT of money over store-bought toothbrushes.

The best toothbrush for avoiding toothbrush abrasion - Pluma Soft

You’re thinking “a toothbrush is a toothbrush – I buy the ‘soft’ bristled ones anyways” – I know, because that’s what I did too. I bought the softest bristles Oral-B offered and look at the difference below. The Pluma Soft bristles are far finer than the Oral-B soft and they bend much more easily, so no matter how hard I scrub away, they can’t cause as much damage as the Oral-B. (Granted, I shouldn’t be scrubbing at all – but there are those rush moments when old habits kick in).

Plumasoft toothbrush - 4

I know, this is a goofy post – but since 80% of us are in the same boat and since gum grafts are painful and expensive, I really wanted to share this with you.

Ask your dentist to order some in and give one a try – I promise you will LOVE them.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, I have used Pluma Soft for a few years now and even with the softer bristles, my Dentist has NOT noticed an increase in plaque or tartar accumulation – what she has noticed is that my gum recession has not increased.

The BEST toothbrush to reduce toothbrush abrasion - Pluma Soft

Have a great one!

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