I’m still amazed by the growth on this blog in just one year.

A year ago I was thrilled to have 25 people visit my page each day – and most of those were relatives!  

Now I giddily watch as month over month it grows and my audience spreads around the world.
Last month saw over 43,000 page views from all over the globe!

Since some of you haven’t been with me from the beginning – approximately 42,975 of you – I thought I’d do a highlight on my most popular posts of the last year;

1.  Organization – Ball Storage – this post has been picked up several times by other bloggers and added to compilation lists that they’ve posted.  Maybe I should protest that it’s done without my permission, but then the idea wasn’t entirely mine either – and since it feeds more of you back to me, I guess we’re even.

2.  Before & After – One Night Stand – I’m sure this one is only popular because of the title.  I mean, it’s not even my best furniture makeover, but it still sees traffic almost daily.  What are people searching for exactly – how to set up and get out of a one night stand?

3.  Cornmazing – I’m at a complete loss on this one.  Is there some sexual innuendo here that I’m not aware of?  Regardless, I’m grateful if you like seeing my girls and I attempt a corn maze.

4.  Cleaning Stainless Steel – This was before my ENJO conversion, but I will agree that the before and afters on this post are pretty appealing.

5.  Vase Turned Makeup Brush Holder – I’m glad this one is a hit.  I tried the other methods I saw on Pinterest and can honestly shoot them down – difficult, mold, awkward etc.  I am convinced this is the best method for doing this – so thank you for agreeing!

6.  The Miracle Marble Paste – This one speaks for itself.  The before and afters with this non-abrasive, non-chemical cleaner are spectacular.

7.  PVC Towel Rack – I just put this back out on the patio last weekend.  It was easy to take apart and store in a small space and then reassemble again.  Inexpensive, easy to assemble and long-lasting – Love this one!

8.  You’ve been Boo’d – I’m so glad this made the top 10 list.  This one is about creating community and I hope that everyone that saw this post implemented it in some way.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with free printables!

9.  Cream of Tomato Soup – This is one of my all-time favourite recipes.  If you haven’t seen it and saved it already, you really should now – then over-plant your garden with tomatoes so you can make a huge batch for winter.

10.  Origami Treat Box – An easy tutorial on making a paper treat box that you can put small treats in.  Mini-muffins and tea, small goodies – and it only takes about 3 minutes to fold a bottom and a lid.

These were your favourite posts,  stay tuned to find out which were mine!  (They might be something you missed!)

 Have a great one!

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