I’ve been approved!

Top Mommy Blog approved that is!

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I am happy dancing!

What is it?  It’s a central location for bloggers to “show their wares” so to speak.  You can sort through the pages and find hundreds, maybe even thousands, of blogs on topics from couponing to pet care and everything in between.

You can’t just enter your information and be included as a Top Mommy Blogger.  You have to submit an application which includes traffic numbers and other social media platforms you utilize.  From there you just wait and keep your fingers crossed that you make the cut.

And I did!

BUT, to keep my spot, and to boost my ranking amongst all Top Mommy Bloggers – I do need to ask a favour….

I need you to click this image:


This will take you to the Top Mommy Blogs site and each click that stems from this site gives me a “vote”.

It’s these votes that will keep me within the rankings of Top Mommy Bloggers, and keep my site active.  Zero votes could mean my removal.

Click today.  Click every day.  The perk for you is you’ll get to see what other blogs are out there and their rankings.  You can sort by interest, or look up the top 20 blogs of the month.  It’s actually a great resource for you as well!

All you have to do is click – no sign-up, no referrals, no shares, likes, follows or access to your address book.  Just a click.

I’ve added a button to the sidebar of this blog as well – just to make it super-easy for you to click each day… every single day….

Okay, maybe just when I have a good post up and deserve the vote.

Thank you everyone!  Fingers crossed I make the top 20 list!


Have a great one!

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