Because ‘banana scrambled eggs’ sounds gross.

These actually are quite good.  More of a crepe than a pancake.

Jen from JJ’s Kitchen sent me some beautiful photographs of her creating these little masterpieces, but when I tried to make them myself (quality control you know) they turned out less-than-stellar looking – so I thought I’d combine her “How to” and my “How not to” into one post.

JJ's Kitchen

For anyone who frequents Pinterest as often as I do, you have probably run into some version of these pancakes.

Some have 3 or 4 ingredients, some are called protein pancakes. I like this recipe best – adding more stuff kind of defeats the purpose. They are simple, have ingredients that most of us always have on hand, super healthy, and pretty darn yummy. Plus they don’t have all the useless ingredients that regular pancake mix has. Most of all, kids love them! For us adults, you may have trouble getting past the banana/egg combo – don’t overthink it. They are more like thick crepes than pancakes, but delish all the same. My 2 year old always asks for maple syrup and I tell him it’s already in there – he believes me, the bananas make them sweet enough.

2 Ingredient Pancakes

1 banana
2 eggs

Mash your banana
Beat your eggs
Mix together

This is your pancake batter. Make them small, they are easier to handle. This recipe makes enough for my 2 year old and 1 year old – increase as necessary.

So that’s Jen’s recipe and write-up and here is her finished product:

2 ingredient pancakes

There are a couple of things that Jen left out in her recipe… you do need to have the ability to follow a recipe and to flip a crepe.

The one on the right was when I thought I could get away with 5 eggs per 4 bananas -instead of the 8 suggested.
Nope, I’ll save you the trouble of trying it – they don’t stick together.

The one on the left is with the correct amount of eggs, but is evidence of a lack of skill in the flipping department.

2 Ingredient pancakes  - 4

I had two frypans going making these – one for one side of the crepe/pancake and then I would slam one frypan onto the other to cook the other side.  Still messy, but eventually I got a couple that looked like crepes.

You’ll also note that Jen is a good mother and doesn’t overindulge in sugar.

Not so much in my world.  Something about these just beckoned me to top them with peanut butter chocolate, or chocolate peanut butter – whichever you prefer.

Despite what you might think, this does not taste like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in a jar.  It’s much lighter and with less sugar.  Sort of a Nutella with a hint of peanut.  Scrumptious, but you probably wouldn’t sit down with the jar and a spoon as envisioned when you purchased it.

2 ingredient pancakes



2 ingredient pancakes with chocolate peanut butter filling

So good!

I also tried one with syrup, just so I could offer you an opinion on both – and yes, it’s delish, but the chocolate peanut butter was my favourite.

2 ingredient pancakes


Thank you so much Jen for this recipe – and added inches to my waistline.


Have a great one!

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