AKA: Repurposing.

Great ideas should be shared right?

That’s the premise behind Pinterest, Upworthy and Martha Stewart’s success.

I get such an “Of course!” moment after I’ve seen a new or novel use of something that you have sitting around the house – perhaps collecting dust.

You’ve seen my shoe rack water bottle storage,

and my shoe rack doll storage

and even some furniture that I’ve repurposed to be used as something else…

But here are a few lesser known (to me anyways) uses of conventional items for unconventional uses…

You need to make stuffing for the Holiday meal, or homemade croutons – or maybe just an easy way to cut the crusts off of sandwiches for school lunches?

Use a Pizza wheel

How about keeping those pesky bobbins from unravelling in your sewing box?
Use a toe separator
courtesy of Donna Babylon
To corral scrapbook, or even wrapping paper, use a wine rack:
courtesy of Scrapbooks etc.

If you don’t like your eggs spread out everywhere (I like them when they fit on an english muffin), use mason jar lids when frying them:

courtesy of LifeHacker

 Tired of the shoulders of your dresses falling off the hanger?  Or how about those wide-neck tops that always seem to slip off?

Wrap pipe cleaner around your hanger and you’re set!

courtesy of In My Own Style

Tired of your glue bottles getting clogged?  
This will work for both woodworking glue AND kids glue;  
use a pencil eraser to cover the end:

courtesy of American Woodworker

Ice cube trays are fantastic for so many things – we used to freeze small portions of baby food in them, I’ve seen decorator ice cubes, bouillon cubes – but how about earring storage?
Better yet – nuts and bolts storage?

courtesy of Bead Up

Now this next one I was going to include anyways, but as an added bonus Lona from Tupperware has just joined the blog as a sponsor!  (so she can hook you up with the “goods”).

Tired of wasting an entire cycle of laundry on your delicates?  (total waste of water).
Live in an apartment and want to stretch out time between doing loads?
OR do you have swimming lessons, a backyard pool, or even just trips through the sprinkler leaving you with masses of soaking bathing suits everywhere?

How about a salad spinner centrifuge?
Put your laundry in and gyrate a few times, or put your wet suits in and spin a few times to wring out excess water:

courtesy of Tupperware

All this brilliance in one place!


Have a great one!