I imagine everyone has already, or is in the process of, putting away their Christmas decorations.

I told you I’d have a post with an idea for your Holiday photo cards – so hopefully you still have them hanging around.

I like to use photo cards to update my Contacts on my iPad.  

Here’s how I do it…

 Use the camera on your iPad, iPhone or android to take photos of the photo Christmas cards.

  You can preview your shots in your Photo gallery.

Here’s a great shot of my friend Kari and her family. 

 Open up your Contacts or Phone book and select the person you want to add the photo to.

Once you have the correct contact, select ‘Edit‘ from the top right corner.

 Then touch the ‘Add Photo‘ option and select the image you want from your cameral roll.

 Apple gives you the option to enlarge, centre and even move the image to capture exactly what you want.

For my purposes, I wanted a photo of Kari to add to her name in the address book.  It was just an added bonus that her daughter was in the shot as well.

I could have enlarged it further to capture just Kari if that’s what I wanted to do.

Additionally, I can update her husband’s contact information with just his photo cropped from the same image.

 Once you click ‘Choose‘ you’re done!
Kari’s photo is now attached to her contact information.

It’s nice to have updated photos of your friends in your phone book.

Better still, it’s nice to have updated photos of their kids!  Time flies so quickly that before you know it they’ll be grown and you’ll still be holding on to the image of them as a 6 year old.


Have a great one!