One more Valentine decoration for you today, this one is another 10 minute craft that has a great ‘Wow’ factor.

You will need:

  • Glass block / Kraft block / Deco block with a hole in the top
  • ribbon
  • candy

I was surprised to learn that not many places carry glass block anymore?  There weren’t any at my local Home Depot, Lowe’s or even Michael’s Craftstore?  Instead, I lucked out and found this guy at Rona (our Canadian Home Depot).

There are a few different kinds you can get – the typical glass block, but then you have to drill your hole into the top.  Those were $6.49 and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, or there were the standard shaped ones like this with the hole already drilled in it for $10.49.

glass block, conversation hearts and ribbon

I figured there was a good chance I’d waste $6.49 if I tried to drill and broke the block, so I opted to spend the extra and get the pre-drilled one.

The bag of conversation hearts you see here are WAAAAAAAY too many.  I wanted to make sure I had enough, plus with Valentine’s parties coming up at school I decided any extras could be incorporated into our class treats.

One thing I will warn/suggest about this project is that I wouldn’t eat any candies after they’ve been in the block.  You can’t clean inside it easily, and given that it has been drilled there is a good chance of there being tiny little shards of glass still inside.  This is strictly a decor item.

Fill your glass block with candy:

Glass block filled with conversation hearts

I started out trying to get all the sayings on the hearts to face out so they could be read – but I couldn’t keep them in place as I filled the rest of the jar, so it ended up a bit of a mishmash.

Put the stopper back in the top of your block and add ribbon.

Candy-filled glass block with bow on top

You could leave it just like this and it’s absolutely adorable, but I went one step further and added some vinyl lettering to one side:


Glass block filled with conversation heart candy

I’ve seen others with the iconic Andy Warhol “LOVE” on them, or “XOXO”, so I wanted to be a tad different.

This can be used year after year, but I’d suggests adding a small packet of silica gel inside to keep moisture out.  Any little packets you have leftover from shoes or other purchases.

  • Glass block  $10.49
  • Conversation hearts:  ~$3.00
  • Ribbon (leftover from Christmas)
  • Total cost:  $13.49

Have a great one!

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