Well, tomorrow is the “big” day.

The day Cupid’s arrows fly strong and true, and you get to tell everyone you love… just how much you do.

Granted, that should happen everyday, but tomorrow it will be enveloped in chocolate or flowers – and that’s a pretty nice way to be told you’re loved.

We don’t really do anything big on Valentine’s Day.  Treats are sent to school for class parties, the girls write Valentine cards to their classmates and I give Hubby an extra pat on the butt sometime during the day.  Sometimes we do cards, sometimes not – but we do give the girls a little treat to commemorate the day.

Today I’ll show you how to take a couple of goodies and create quick, easy packaging that will give your gift a little extra “oomph”.

You will need:

  • double sided paper (patterned or plain on both sides) 12″ x 12″  (30 x 30cm)
  • double sided tape or adhesive
  • scissors

First thing, cut your paper down to 5″ by 12″  (13 x 30cm)

patterned paper measuring 12" by 5"


Next score lines on the longer side at 4″ and 4 3/4″ (10cm x 12cm)

Valentine door hanger 02

Rotate the paper and score lines at 3/4″ (2cm) and 4 1/4″ (10.8cm)

(I’m making two door hangers here, so my photos alternate between them – sorry if it seems confusing)

Valentine door hanger 03


You’ll see you’ve created two small squares – one on each side at the 4″ mark.  Cut on these score lines.

Valentine door hanger 04

From the top of the score line at 4 3/4″, measure up another 4″ (10cm) and cut the scored edges off from this point upwards.

This gives you the front, bottom and back of the box, plus the narrow section is what hangs above the box and goes over your door handle.

Valentine door hanger 05


I’ve seen it done, at this point, where the door hangers have been laminated for extra reinforcement.  Since I only want them long enough to surprise two little girls, I opted to just reinforce the back of the paper with an extra layer of cardstock.

Trace a circle that is 2.5″ in diameter (6.35cm).  I had a die that would do this for me, but you can see how the circle is centred in the upper section of the door hanger.


Valentine door hanger 07


Using your double-sided tape, fold the box together and adhere.  I chose to do front flaps over the back for aesthetics, but it really doesn’t matter.

Valentine door hanger 08


Decorate and fill with treats!

These are only big enough to hold about 3 chocolate bars, so it’s a nice size when you want to acknowledge the day without going overboard on candy.

Valentine door hanger 11


When the girls wake up Saturday morning, they’ll find their chocolate-wrapped-love right on their bedroom doors!

Valentine door hanger 10


Drop one on your friend’s front doorknob, or cut a small slit in the side of the hanger and hang it on your sweetie’s car door handle.

This would also be really cute hung over a bottle of wine – maybe with wine charms inside?  (You’d want the hole to be smaller though).

Have a great one!

Joke:  "Surgeon General's warning: Condoms prevent mini-vans"


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