I’m ahead of the game!

I’m almost NEVER ahead of the game.

I’m planning 10,000 Christmas crafts to be done in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.  Same with Easter, and Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s…

not this time ladies!

I’ve got my kid’s Valentines already designed and ready to print – and I’m sharing the printable with you so you can happy dance around the house because YOU’RE ahead of the game as well!

Valentine word search printable

Do you love it?

I love it!

(secretly educational too!) lol

 front of word search valentine

Attach it to letter-shaped (or heart-shaped) sugar cookies.

I want this for my Valentine!

I’m attaching the free printable here – 4 Valentine’s postcards per page.  Just send the pdf file to your local printing shop and ask them to do it double-sided for you.  I had 60 printed on a bit heavier, glossy card stock and it came to $11.70 (not including taxes) – so just under $0.20 per valentine.
MUCH better than any you can buy right?!


Valentine 7
Valentine 3

Alternatively, if you want your own word search with different words or the names of the kids in your child’s class – you can create one here and then send it to Visions Graphic Artistry and have her make up a version for you (in different colours, different themes etc.)

Valentine printable

For the cookies – what about these for ideas?

This one I think I could handle:

Valentine cookies

These would be perfect – love LETTERS – get it?

Love letter shaped cookies

Or of course you could actually cut letters out and use those as individual Valentines.

Valentine’s – check
Cookies – probably one more thing that will end up last minute.

 Have a great one!

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