I know you’ve seen this everywhere,

so I’m not posting it as a “new and great idea”.

You already know that.

What I am doing, is posting the “how not to” versions of this idea.

I will share with you lessons learned (the hard way of course), so that you may complete this project and live with it into blissful eternity.

First and most important how not to:

Don’t use coffee beans.

It looks great, smells great, holds the brushes well – BUT chances are you keep your brushes in the bathroom…

A room containing mass amounts of moisture.

Food, warmth, moisture – the perfect recipe for mold.

The next how not to:

Don’t use rocks.

They might be fairly smooth, but the roughness of the pebbles and the in-and-out of the brushes will destroy your handles.

Pebbles are also not very easy to move, so putting your brushes away will mean you have to jam them in in order to displace them.

Not worth the effort or the damage.

The last how not to;

Don’t use giant glass pebbles.

They won’t wreck your brushes, but they don’t move easily.  In order to put your brushes away, you need to be able to easily displace the pebbles – these ones don’t displace without a lot of effort.

The only version of this that I have found to work is to use the tiny silica-type floral vase filler.

They’re plastic so they won’t mold and they’re tiny so they displace easily.

Wishing now I’d cleaned off the soap splatter before taking the shot.

Reality is a bitch.

Save yourself the time – I’ve done the “Consumer Reports” testing for you.

Success is like pregnancy; everyone congratulates you, but no one knows how many times you got screwed to achieve it.

Have a great one!