I found this on Etsy:

I loved it immediately – but it’s adhered directly to the wall.

Sure, decals come off, but I’d still be worried that some paint would come off with it.

Also the pressure needed to put it up – again, I thought I might leave letter sized dents in the drywall.

I wanted one.

I had a perfect spot.

Dilemma, dilemma.

My “Aha!” moment;  plexiglass!

Down the road I think this will end up on the landing of my stairs – putting it on plexiglass makes that possible without buying a second decal.
Simple mirror hooks hold it up.

No damage to your walls, portable, washable and your paint colour shows through, so it will fit in wherever you decide to put it.

I haven't even walked a mile in my own shoes.
Have a great one!