Have you heard of a vision board?

I hadn’t until recently.

What it is, is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your aspirations and the things that make you happy. 

Vision boards are a great way to make you feel positive, and are helpful in motivating you to work towards goals and ideals.

Well, after Closet 101 with the Stylists from Pink Ink the other week, I decided that keeping my Pinterest wardrobe online, wasn’t helping me to get dressed in the morning.

I mean, how many of you log into Pinterest before choosing the day’s outfit?
Maybe we should, but who has the time?

I thought a vision board might be helpful in keeping ‘my eye on the prize’ of becoming a more fashionable me.

I took my favourite Spring pins (you can see all of these on “My Style” board) 

and printed them off to 3″ by 5″ size.

Then I just posted them on a cork board in my closet.

(edited:  the cork board wouldn’t hold all of the images, so I ended up buying some sticky tac at the Dollarama so I could adhere them right to the wall.)

I don’t have all of the outfits (or any at all in actuality) but it will help me keep colours and combinations in mind for when I get dressed each day.

Heck, I may even take the snapshots with me and go shopping for a few knock-offs!

Now if I could just figure out how to make my hair look like this…

I’d be laughin’!

 Have a great one!

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