If you’re not Canadian, or from the Northern U.S. States and/or Northern Europe – this might sound sketchy.

For those of you that don’t know – a “Sugar Shack” is a place where trees are tapped and maple syrup is made.

Hubby took the girls there on the weekend to kick off their March Break festivities.

The Sugar Shack nearest us is in Thorndale Ontario and is run by the Kinsmen Club.
It’s called “Sugar Bush“, and the trees have only just become ready for tapping.

“The season for tapping maple syrup is pretty short, about 4 to 5 weeks, in Ontario. That is because of the unique temperature conditions that have to occur in order for sap to produce. Daytime temperatures above freezing, nighttime temperatures below freezing.”

The sap is collected and then boiled down to create scrumptious maple syrup.

This is the old-old fashioned method:

Must have been pretty bright out!

 This is the method used now.

Sugar Bush also offers pancake meals with the freshly made maple syrup as well as family hayrides.

If you can, you should check it out asap – season will be over soon!

Have a great one!