I’m going to show you the cheapest washing machine on the market:

Wash your delicates in a salad spinner
It’s a Tupperware salad spinner!  (and I think they’re green now)
This bad-boy is the greatest invention prior to the iPad.
Of course you can do the obvious and wash your greens for salad,
and the inside comes out and can be used as a colander for straining pasta etc,
and the bowl is trendy enough that it’s meant to be an actual salad bowl to have on the table or to take to pot lucks.
did you know you can also use it to wash delicates?
Look at it – even looking down it’s like a mini top-loader!
Wash your delicates in a salad spinner

I love you guys, and I’m grateful for every single person that reads this blog – but we just aren’t close enough (yet) that I’m willing to show you photos of me washing my skivvies.

Instead, I’ll show you my ENJO stash.

Wash your delicates in a salad spinner

 Add water to your spinner and a tiny bit of soap.

Wash your delicates in a salad spinner

 Add in your dirty laundry.

Wash your delicates in a salad spinner
Then spin.
The spinning is just like the agitator in your washing machine.
I ONLY recommend a Tupperware salad spinner to do this.  
I’ve used others and they are too weak to withstand this – the interior basket cracks and that will create pulls in your undies and ruin your nylons.
AND if your Tupperware breaks EVER in your entire life (which it won’t), they will replace it for free!
It’s true.
Grab your Grandma’s Tupperware and if it’s broken, contact your Tupperware Consultant.
I’m betting nothing’s broken.
I give the cloths a little squeeze out, then fill the bowl again with water to rinse.
Put laundry back in and spin the hell out of it!
It works like a centrifuge to get most of the water out of the cloths so you’re not stuck waiting months for things to dry.
See how much I got out even after squeezing the cloths by hand?
Wash your delicates in a salad spinner


Wash your delicates in a salad spinner
This is also a great idea for those in apartments…. wouldn’t it be nice to do a tiny load to get you by between trips to the basement laundry or laundromat?
If you have a pool – keep a spinner nearby and you can wring out your suits so they’ll dry faster.
Trust me!

 Have a great one!