So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we weren’t going to let all of the run-off paint go to waste.

Instead, I took plain binder paper (a couple of sheets thick) and gently placed it on the paint that had accumulated on the garbage bag.  Press gently to get paint on the entire sheet, but be careful not to rub too much or the paints will blend and you’ll lose the watercolour effect.

Abstract cards 1

You’ll want these to dry flat, but the paint soaks through very easily, so I put mine on another sheet of paper to stop them from sticking to the surface they were lying on.

They’re gorgeous already aren’t they?

I know I titled this “watercolour”, but that’s sort of the look when one colour bleeds into another.

Abstract cards 2


Let dry for a few days.

Now it’s time to use these for our cards…

I had some Nestabilities that I used to create the frame for the cards, but you could easily do this with just a ruler and an exacto knife.

Abstract cards 204


Once I had the size of my opening, I cut the ‘watercolour’ paper down to a quarter of an inch smaller (on both sides), then matted it on a contrasting cardstock.

Abstract cards 202

I used dimensionals on three sides of the frame to stick it into place on my card front.  Dimensionals, in case you haven’t heard of them, are little foam dots with adhesive on both sides.  It allows you to stick paper down with a gap between layers.

Abstract cards 205

The reason for only doing three sides was to get my frame in place, and then to centre my little piece of artwork within it.

Just put adhesive on the back and slide it in.

Finish by adding dimensionals to the last side of the frame.

Abstract cards 207


What do you think?  Little framed pieces of art that really are “one of a kind”.

(the inside of the card reads “That’s what you are.  Happy Birthday”)


Abstract cards 209


I changed up the colours for a different look:

Abstract cards 208

One sheet of this ‘watercolour’ paper made this many cards:

Abstract cards 212

I still had two sheets left, so I decided to create a decorative wrap for a candle – only do this if you have the battery operated candles.  I wouldn’t want your house to catch fire because of a paper wrap on a real one.

Abstract cards 213

Abstract cards 31

Still have one sheet left to play with – but I’ll save that for another day.


Have a great one!

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