I’ve seen some gorgeous watercolour decor ideas of late.

Napkins, placemats and pillows – in bright, fresh spring colours:


I LOVE them!
I don’t love the price tag.

Funnily enough, I received an e-mail earlier this week letting me know that my local fabric store was having a sale!

So I picked up some watercolour fabric.

 For $11 per metre!
I bought 1.5m  because I knew I wanted a few pillows.

I’ve shown the envelope pillow cover tutorial once before on the blog, but I thought I’d show it again…

I mean for $5.50 per pillow cover, compared to the $69.50 that Indigo is charging, it’s worth reviewing and making your own isn’t it?

I’m terrible for not pinning items together.

If you are anything more than a novice sewer like me, you will frown on my technique – but I’ve gone through so many sewing machine needles and pricked fingers while using pins.
I choose to iron my hems in place before sewing.

I should have indicated to put right sides together, but hopefully you saw that in the pictures.

The three pillow covers cost a grand total of $16.50 and took a total of 45 minutes of time.

If I was Indigo that would mean that my profit margin on these would be $192, or an hourly rate of  $256.

I gotta go into the pillow cover business!

Have a great one!

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