I was surfing Pinterest the other day, just looking for new and amazing ideas, and sure enough – I found one!


 It’s a $2.99 app for your iPhone or iPad, and it changes your photos into watercolours!

Check these out:



I’ve always wanted a watercolour painting of my house, but they were always so expensive (rightly so, for the time and effort an artist would put into it.)

This – I can afford!

What an amazing housewarming gift this would make!

If you’re not into home ”paintings”, you could always go with portraits:


You can change up the type of watercolour as well – there are options for natural, illustrative, shallow, colour bloom etc.
Take one photo and try out all the options to see which you like best.


Waterlogue saves your image as a “high quality file”, that you can e-mail out, use as wallpaper or send to a printer to have a ‘painting’ made.

I’m DEFINITELY doing my house in the Spring when the flowers have started to bloom.
Right now, with 6 foot snowpiles, the effect might be lost.

Have a great one!

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