I can’t remember when the girls noticed it, but it’s been in our house for several months now…

a Fairy Door!

I had heard about these before from Urban-Fairies.com, but never in a million years did I think one would move into our house.

What we have gleaned so far is:
1.  She has red hair – so we have named her Ruby (until she tells us otherwise)
2.  She hangs out with the Tooth Fairy
3.  She keeps her door barricaded so that we can’t get in
4.  She sometimes rides our cat at night – we know because we hear him galloping through the house
5. She is friends with our “Elf on the Shelf”
6.  every once in a while she has guests; as evidenced by the mail in her mailbox, and a sometimes present tea set complete with cream, sugar and crumbs on the plates.

We are eagerly anticipating the day she will feel comfortable enough to come out and meet us in broad daylight, but until then we will just continue to write notes and drop gifts at her door.

IF, by chance, you wanted to entice a fairy to come and live at your house, you could look here for ideas.
Tell them this blog sent you.