It was a crazy busy/wonderful weekend.

You saw my potting bench the other day, plus I got some more pieces of furniture refinished – those posts to come – we pressure washed the patio and the garage.
Anything and everything to stay outside in the sunshine.


battling weeds.  (UGH!)

Does anyone know what weed this is?

It has these ridiculously long roots that go on for miles.
I’m pretty sure that all of this:

is one single weed.

Last year I brought up all the mulch and lined the bed with a layer of newspaper before putting the mulch back on top.

It stopped most of the weed for one season.

This year I thought I’d try something else.

Most of the recipes online said to use 1 cup of salt, 1tsp of dish soap and one gallon of vinegar.
Some said different types of vinegars, but I went with what I had.

Put into a spray bottle and mix thoroughly.
Spray directly onto the leaves of the weed/s you’re trying to get rid of.

The pins I read said that this is much more effective in the sunshine – so last weekend was an ideal time to try.

By dinner time, this is what most of the weed/s looked like.

Seems it worked better on some than on others, but it’s a start.

We had a bit of rain the next day, so I’ll have to head out and re-coat the little buggers on the next sunny day.

I should mention – try not to over-spray – you don’t want this stuff getting onto surrounding plants or flooding the soil.

If you know what weed I’m battling, and have a tip on how to eliminate it, please leave me a comment.

I’m desperate!

Have a great one!

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