One of my New Year Goals was to start using a meal plan.

Just dinners (for now), but to have something planned out in advance so that I’m not scrambling last minute – when I’m hungry – for the quickest meal possible.

We’ve tried this for the past week and let me tell you it’s made a difference already.

Hubby does the cooking in our house – because he likes to and because his food is exponentially better than anything I make – but having a plan set out in advance allows me to prep or defrost, or get the ball rolling.

Having a meal plan in place forced us to use what we had in the freezer – not your fridge freezer, but the stuff burrowed deep in your cube freezer.

Having a meal plan in place helped us to make better choices – we didn’t resort to KD (Kraft Dinner) because the kids were starving and there wasn’t time to whip up something better.

I had my game plan in place.

I went to my Go-To-Gal Jen from JJ’s Kitchen and she provided me (us) with a sample meal plan for the week.

(I made a couple of edits because I didn’t want to have a ton of leftovers, and I need a “Kid’s choice” as incentive to get them to eat what we pick every other night).

Meal plan template filled in with some suggested options

You will have to make your grocery list according to what you need and/or already have on hand.

Want to create your own meal plan but don’t have time? You can still have all your meals planned but you can just get all the ingredients delivered to your home. I read a few reviews for some meal kit services, one of them even had a Sun Basket coupon (, and they look like high quality meals.
If you do have time then the first thing you need is a planner – so I’ve created one you can print from home.
This is just a simplified version of the many you can find online – meals, days of the week and space for your grocery list.

This one is just for dinners, but there are a million out there that include other meals and even snacks if you wish.

Weekly meal planner 2

Click here for the pdf that you can print on your printer and let’s start some better habits together.

Have a great one!