Thursday was INSANE!
It was entirely my own fault, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t exhausted after it was all said and done.

It started out Wednesday…. I was supposed to bring snacks to soccer, so I thought I’d take advantage of the overlapping seasons and buy ALL the fruit that was available at Heeman’s.  Two flats of strawberries, 1/2 a flat of blueberries, 1 flat of raspberries and a quart of cherries.

The thinking was that I would take a bunch to soccer and then have some set out for Madison’s rain-chequed grad party on Thursday.

Soccer was cancelled.
But I still had all those berries!
No room in the fridge (as you know).

When I woke up this morning there was already the hint of mold on some…

So I powered out 10 jars of raspberry jam and another 10 jars of strawberry.

Now I have a “special” method for making jam.
I use every dish in the house, every pot, every pan and then I make mess.
The backsplash, electric mixer, stove top, every counter and even the outside of the jars.


So I had to scramble and clean everything up before the ants attacked.
That included washing the walls and the kitchen floor.
Yes, I’m THAT great a chef! lol

Still lots of berries…

Okay – kebabs!

This involved chocolate splattering on everything I had just finished cleaning.
So…more cleaning.

Next up – Maddie’s ice cream cake:

Next, power tidy before the party starts.

Set out food, drinks, utensils.
Decorate (a little).

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… Then ten 7-year-olds came over and went wild.

A few more gray hairs, dishpan hands, happy children… 

and an excuse to go to bed early!

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Have a great one!