I’m so excited – I have to show you some things.
Indulge me in a little boasting….

Yup – that’s almost TWO MILLION!

Little me (celebrity-wise, not weight-wise lol) from small town/city Canada has reached almost two million people with my pins!

Shelly Shepherd headshot 2014Shelly Shepherd headshot 2014

Okay, a bit more bragging – 2014 was an incredible year – although I have to admit I didn’t realize it until I decided to draft this post.

This past year the blog saw OVER a half-a-million page views! It averages out to about 45,475 page views per month – and that’s just on the blog! I guess this makes me an influencer, at least I hope it does so that I’m approached by places like this website. They design social media strategies for brands, and I’d like to use my platform to spread the word about products I enjoy and causes I believe in.

That doesn’t include my (relatively new) Instagram following, my Pinterest followers or my Facebook page – which has grown to more than 2,400 followers! I haven’t had Instagram for that long, but it is interesting to see how followers grow every so often. I’ve even been learning about new features such as being able to send instagram messages on computer and not being able to see the likes on posts. As time goes on, I know I will get to grips with this platform, but I am happy where I am, especially as I’ve only recently just got it.

Between the blog itself and Facebook, my posts are being read by approximately 3,000+ people PER DAY!

Have I told you today that I love you?

Let me put this in perspective for you – since you probably haven’t been watching the numbers like I have;

  • In January 2014 I had 260 Facebook followers for 100T2D – today I have 2,424.
  • In January 2014 I had 607 Pinterest followers, over the year that has more than doubled.

  • In January 2014 I had page views (for the month of December 2013) of just over 17,000. Closing out the month of December 2014, the blog received over 57,000 page views!

On top of that I’ve had an article written about the blog in The Londoner newspaper. I’ve been a content contributor to another article in Lifestyle Magazine as well as to the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal’s blog, “Fresh. I’ve been on CHRW Radio and done a podcast for the Londonpreneur Show. I’ve even spoken at a Mompreneur luncheon about the benefits of blogging your business.

CHRW-Radio-2, Shelly Shepherd radio interview, Shelly Shepherd

If all of this wasn’t head-spinning – I’ve started a second blog “Daily Glam” with three partners where we provide a capsule wardrobe program for the ‘everywoman’. This means a lot to me because I am the key audience – I want to look good, but don’t have the budget, time or style to make it happen. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves right? This program does that, and being a part of it makes me so proud.

I didn’t see all of this happening while it was happening, but now, looking back – I will admit, my heart is exploding with gratitude and scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs GLEE!!

… and maybe a little fear…. there are a lot more of you to try to impress now?!

Thank you so, so much!

Have a great one!