A few weeks ago an F1 tornado touched down in my Dad’s neighbourhood.

It didn’t hit the main strip of his little town, it just sort of bounced here and there within a few kilometre radius of Grand Bend, ON.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

But there was a LOT of damage.

My Dad lives in a very wooded area.
Very wooded, but also near the beach – so the trees are rooted in mainly sand.
This tornado ripped out hundreds, if not thousands of the trees in his area – roots and all – leaving a giant mess.

My Dad was pretty stressed – I mean, he can’t access most of his property for fallen trees and companies are charging around $2,800 per day to clean them up for you.  (Unfortunately, this isn’t something insurance will cover).

I totally understand his frustration and anxiety – but I tried not to let on.
Instead, I tried to offer up some “apple sauce” solutions to his “rotten apple” situation.

Dad, Kate, Bill, Cindy… in fact anyone in Grand Bend – these are for you:

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

I may be heading to Grand Bend myself to stock up – some of these projects are really cute and would make fantastic decorations for a Martha Stewart-rustic-type Christmas!

To anyone out there that wants to make any of the above projects – leave me a comment – I’m pretty sure I know some people that would love to get rid of some wood!

(You’d have to pick up of course)

 Have a great one!

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