I spend a LOT of my time blogging – or prepping content by planning, building, painting, photographing, and editing content ready to blog – but I’ve come into a bit of a rut lately.

Writer’s block so to speak.

I’m missing the mojo that had me devouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration. I still surf and post there, but I haven’t been feeling the drive and inspiration to tackle every item I come across – which is unusual for me.

I decided to take a little DIY break and share a bit of behind-the-scenes moments – after all, these are the reasons I blog to begin with.

Madison competed in her first ever track and field meet and crushed the 80m dash.

She didn’t win, or even place – but she ran her heart out and came 2nd in her heat – to me, that’s crushing it.

What I've been doing 3 - 1

That child has wheels I tell you!

I hosted a Ladies Night last week and all I told the women was to wear comfy clothing and to bring a towel/yoga mat, bike helmet and a lighter. You should have seen how frightened they all were – I couldn’t help but laugh – one friend even questioned as to whether we would be doing some “wheelchair weed” and that’s why we needed the lighter and bike helmet. lol

I’ve never even heard of “wheelchair weed”, but the mental image of a group of ladies sitting around in wheelchairs with bike helmets on, smoking marijuana had me laughing hysterically. I’d sooner have them use a PlusCBD promo code and get something edible from there than start smoking up mid-yoga session, but that mental image will stay with me for some time!

In actuality, I had arranged a park yoga session with Helenahhh – the bike helmet and lighter were just to throw everyone off. We all morphed ourselves into hilarious poses and then followed the workout up with strawberry sangrias and wings…. as all workouts should end.
What I've been doing 6 - 1

Every Spring, I start out with this unbelievable energy for gardening. I plant and weed and water and fertilize – and for the first few weeks of summer it’s all worth it. Like my gorgeous peonies for example:

What I've been doing 7 - 1

Then the blooms fade, and watering becomes a chore and most of my plants dry out and wither. It’s an all-or-none sort of green-thumb. lol

While my family and my blog and of paramount importance, I have come to the realization over the past year that my health needs to take a front seat sometimes as well. I have degenerative meniscus in both knees from years of playing soccer, and degenerative discs in my lower back (from age I think?), and have suffered from a few severe attacks of sciatica. I would walk around the house daily with my knees crackling and popping like (loud) Rice Krispies and I wouldn’t even attempt to pick anything up for fear of throwing my back out.

Over this past year I have committed to doing yoga with my sweetie and heroine, Helenahh, and I haven’t had one single episode since starting. My knees seldom crack anymore (like maybe once every week or two) and my back hasn’t even hinted at an ache in over a year. Just two hours a week has made me strong and confident and pain-free… besides, I get to spend quality time with my besties laughing and carrying on as well.

What I've been doing 8 - 1

This is the boat pose – thank goodness for extra padding ‘below deck’ to keep me afloat!

Father’s Day weekend had Hubby away in Ottawa, and found the girls and I visiting GranDad and Papa.

What I've been doing 11 - 1

We celebrated June birthdays and indulged in pizza, cake, ice cream, potato salad and more nachos than one family should consume in a single weekend.

What I've been doing 12 - 1

GranDad lives at the beach, so the girls spent some time swimming in Lake Urine – I mean Lake Huron – and we even taught Lacey (our Bernese MOUNTAIN dog) how to swim. Mountain dog meet sea level.

What I've been doing 10 - 1

Miss Madison has been rocking the soccer field three nights per week and Miss Chloe has joined a competitive cheerleading team (we’re not talking pom poms and mini skirts – this is serious cheer). Art classes for the girls take up another evening, so we’re pretty booked up.

Needless to say, my social life really is a reflection of the events my children are involved in, although they often humour me in my hobbies as well:

What I've been doing 9 - 1

Miss Madison making a hexagonal tray for her Teacher Gift this year.

So there you have it – the woman behind the empire. (lol)

Feeling motivated again just in writing this – off to go make something pretty.

Have a great one!