So much has been going on around here that I wanted to stop and take a moment to appreciate all of the special moments.

Bear with me as I  subject you to my photo montage of what’s making me happy:

  1.  Being fortunate enough to be able to drop work to go see my girls Spring Concert at school

Making me happy 1 - 1

  1.  Watching them sing and gesture their little hearts out.  This time is so fleeting.

Making me happy 2 - 1

  1.  Yellow chicks with crowns.

Making me happy 3 - 1

  1.  The chair I almost bought. (but found someplace else for half price!)

Making me happy 4 - 1

  1.  Cat under glass.

Making me happy 5 - 1

  1.  Spring flowers in a coffee pot.  I can’t help it – this just makes me happy!

Making me happy 6 - 1

  1.  Capturing their laughter at the perfect moment.

Making me happy 7 - 1

  1.  Flowering trees and bumblebees.  (and rhymes)

Making me happy 8 - 1

  1.  More adorable hooks – this time for my potting bench.

Making me happy 9 - 1

  1.  Perfect lawnmower stripes.

Making me happy 10 - 1

  1.  That the new sofas will fit!

Making me happy 11 - 1


  1.  Chick-flick nights where the girls and I fall asleep watching movies on the couches.  They love our “special date nights” and I love that they think I do it for them. lol  (Can’t show a photo here – they wouldn’t want everyone to see them in their pjs)


I have so much to be grateful for – I wanted to express my appreciation and joy ‘out loud’ so to speak.

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Have a great one!

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