Do you ever feel ‘content’?

Not blissful, not euphoric or excited, just an internal calm that fills you with happiness.

Grateful contentment…. if that makes sense?

There are a million things that make me happy, so perhaps I’ll compile a ‘100 List’ for that sometime, but for today I’m just going with a top ten from this past week:

  1. Children happy with their teachers and excited to go to school.
  2. A Hubby who likes to cook.
  3. A shopping trip to the states to bring back some ‘special’ lunch snacks (you can’t buy these in Canada) 
  4. Finding my tea for half price while there. 


  5. Hearing that a family member paid homage to my RAK List by giving a homeless person some money.  (Love you Kate!)
  6. Finding “THE” job for me, and knowing someone at the company to pass my resume along.
  7. Having quiet time to sit and blog (and reflect on what makes me happy).
  8. The smell of freshly cut grass and ripe tomatoes.
  9. Having a friend that “gets” me.   


  10. Cool night breezes wafting through open windows.

Have a great one… and be happy!